About Conclave

The objective of the Conclave is to bring together the expert to deliberate the strength of its existing Health Care stake holder to make it possible health for all mission. The conclave will explore what policy and other facilitative majors are necessary to make FIT INDIA & actively support the Government for building  the Nation. The day long Program will include conference, panel discussions, startups in healthcare, Scope & business opportunity in healthcare sector in India, celebrity from Bollywood giving tips to stay fit, medical tourism & FITINDIA HERO  2019 Awards including International FITNESS ICON AWARDS to Hollywood celebrity & fitness expert like Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Mr. Jackie Chan.

The program  will be attended by national & International  delegates, renowned speaker , 42 different  medical & paramedical specialist , Presidents from various Medical & Paramedical association & council , healthcare leaders, sports, Government, Medical Teachers, celebrities  and Industrialists more than 500 guest will be attending this conclave.

This conclave is aimed to bring the global attention to India about the awareness to be fit. We have one international session dedicated to discussion on best practice on fitness of four nations that was rated best in 2018, i.e, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan & Switzerland. The conclave has the potential to promote medical tourism as well as investment in healthcare segment in India. The presence of who’s who from healthcare, fitness, food processing, sports, tourism, startup techies etc in India will make this platform to showcase the strength of India. This will be a televised program.

500 Doctors, Numerous Fitness icons and sports personalities

Doctor's Day, 1st July, 2019

FITINDIA Hero Awards 2019

Healthcare National International Stakeholder

GOVT Support, FITINDIA Pledge

Panel Discussion and TED Talk, Trends & Opportunities

FitIndia Conclave 2020

Doctors Day - Online Event

Proposed Guests

Ministry of Ayush
International Doctors
Healthcare Professionals
Nationwide Doctors
Corporate Industrialists

Inauguration : Diya Light + With Mantra + Globe Watering By 5
5min Av MedscapeIndia / We Doctors

Doctors At MedscapeIndia Office

Vice President - Written Message Expected, Inauguration Dr. Harsh Vardhan - av Bite, Healthcare - Fairing in covid India followup / 2 days Dr. Sunita Dube Founder Chairperson, MedscapeIndia, Fitindia, We Doctors Campaign - Introduction of Campaign - Chairing Session

  • Padma Shri Dr. Mohsin Wali - How to know your worst ever enemy - Confirmed
  • Padma Shri Dr. Shashank Joshi ..care n precaution to india on Covid - Confirmed
  • Dr. Ross Walker - Globle impact & solution - vidio bite confirmed
  • Dr. Yash Gulati - exercise & meditation, food to deal covid life confided
  • Dr. Anjali chabaria mental engeenrring for emerging india, live - confirmed
  • Dr. South Africa reaching remotely globally .. innovation, technology, future with covid
  • Inauguration Sadguru Tentative
  • Chidanand Swami - Back Up
  • John Ebrahim - Health N Fitness - Letter Gone. Vidio Bite
  • Meet Brother (Will Speak)
  • Closing Remark Dr. Sunita Dube


Fitindia India Hero 2019

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Last date for nomination 10th June 2019